A professional brand of cosmeceuticals developed after decades of studies over the skin cell functioning. Specializing in development of the most effective aesthetic treatments and advanced formulas for daily skin care. Inspired by the aesthetic medicine treatments.

Prof. ndzw. dr n. med. spec. dermatolog-wenerolog Magdalena Ciupińska

Medical consultant:
Magdalena Ciupińska MD, spec. dermatologist-venereologist
Member of the Polish Dermatological Society. For many years she was the director of the Consultation Center at St. Lazarus Dermatological Hospital in Warsaw. She also co-operated with the Medical Postgraduate Training Center, conducting trainings in the area of dermatology and venereology for General Practitioners. She has published over 150 works and reports at dermatological and cosmetic conventions and has co-authored 2 coursebooks for future cosmetologists. She is a professor at the Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care in Warsaw, a lecturer at the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Society as well as Warsaw Medical University and president of the Scientific Committee in International Society of Aesthetic Trichology.



We rely on advanced science of skin cells.


We have an extensive laboratory experience in cosmetics production


We draw inspiration from latest achievements of aesthetic medicine treatments.


Visible effects of deep skin renewal after only a few initial treatments!

Effectiveness confirmed by applied and instrumental research!

  • Rejuvenating Treatment
  • Whitening Treatmenty

  • Anti Acne Treatment

  • Moisturising treatment

LNE Cell&Lab



4 steps

The synergy of the formulas enables to perform treatments of various intensity. The gradation of treatment intensity allows to carefully select an individualized and optimal skin renewal therapy.

4 steps


We have adopted the World’s accomplishments in the fields of cosmetology: the efficiency of chemical exfoliation, the revitalizing properties of micro-puncturing and the most effective active ingredients for immediate and visible effect of skin renewal.

The first highly concentrated dermo-acids with ectoine!

To allow the skin a shorter recuperation and optimal post-treatment recovery conditions.

A revolutionary discovery on a global scale in the field of anti-aging cosmetology.
A very effective active compound of unusual nurturing properties, produced by micro-organisms living in extreme environments, such as salt desert. Used in medicine and pharmacy.

- protects skin cells against dryness, UV radiation and free radicals
- strengthens the skin barrier
- prevents damage to cell membranes and the DNA
- provides long-lasting hydration
- boosts regeneration of skin
- protects antigen-presenting immune cells (Langerhans cells) of the skin
- has anti-inflammatory activity


Sterile bio-cellulose dressing

An innovative, all-natural, hypo-allergenic biomaterial of nanometric fibres created during the fermentation of Gluconacetobacter Xylinus E25 bacteria. Used in medicine to treat hard to heal wounds and burns. An ideally adhesive, highly durable, sterile dressing for skin after exfoliation or microneedle mesotherapy treatments. The dense bio-cellulose fibre network maintains high hydration level and imitates the epidermis functions, protecting the skin against microbes and contaminants. The mask's absorptive and desorptive capacity ensures a correct exchange of gasses and thermoregulation, which results in more active regenerative processes of the skin. The mask is used by medical specialists after invasive aesthetic treatments to facilitate the healing of wounds, support the soothing of irritation, erythema and pain. It is well-tolerated by the skin and provides excellent cosmetic effects.


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